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Books may be purchased ahead of time before presentation.


Through my love for art and children, I offer my services 

as a speaker for schools.  My presentations

teach children about art and what it takes to succeed

as a professional artist through persistence.


My program starts with a 5 to 10 minute overview of how I started my career as

an artist and why I enjoyed drawing as a youngster. I describe the type of

education I received and the 20 years I spent in the commercial art business 

before I fulfilled my dream of becoming a fulltime fine artist.  


Next, I present a 15 to 20 minute slide show of early and current paintings

 along with showing slides of my studio.  I also  discuss my  

experience of painting for 12 years for national art competitions.


The last 10 to 15 minutes are spent sketching a detailed drawing 

as children follow along step by step.

I have found this to be fun and exciting for the children as well

as the teachers. During this time I will discuss the importance of

drawing and persistence in order to be a successful artist. 

When finished, the children will have

a well-executed drawing to take home with them. 

The session will end with a question and answer period.




I prefer to give four 45 - 50 minute presentations, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. My programs are well suited for approximately 150 children per 45-minute period. Please group younger grades together, such as 1st & 2nd graders, instead of 1st & 5th graders. Gymnasium's work very well for all groups of children. The floors are usually sufficient for them to draw on.


Supplies needed:


* Large room, preferably the gymnasium for large groups of 100 or more. Media rooms and/or Art rooms work well for small groups of 30 to 50 children.


* Microphone, hands-free if available.


* Projector cart or table.


* Extension cord.


* Slide screen or smooth, clean wall for slide show.


* Two 8 ft. table and 13 folding chairs.


* At least one piece of 11" x 17" white paper for each child.


* One sharpened pencil for each child or bring art supplies of there choice... (i.e.: crayons or colored pencils.)


It is nice if the teachers participate in the drawing exercise as this gives the children confidence to try something that they might not be initially good at. It also helps if the teachers ask questions at this time to break the ice for the children.




Fees are $900.00 per day plus travel expenses. If you are interested please email me at LangtonArt@comcast.net and I will respond ASAP or you may call at 1-574-277-6137. Books may be ordered at least 2 weeks ahead of time before presentation so they can be personalized for any child. Contact Bruce Langton for book orders.




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