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What  is  an  Etching?




Etchings began in the early 1500's and today are regarded

as one of the elite forms of graphic art.

The richness of the ink, the handmade, hand-torn & deckled

edge of the paper, and the embossed border of the plate

itself are all the elements that give etchings their 

unique and collectable quality.

From start to finish, the total etching process never leaves the

artists hands. This includes coating the plate with ground,

drawing into the ground, exposing the plate into acid, selecting

the proper paper and ink, hand inking the plate, and pulling the 

prints on a hand operated press.

As the printing process is done, the plates surface is worn slightly,

changing each image from one print to the next. For this

reason each print is signed and numbered by the artist as they

come off the press documenting the limited nature of each edition. 

When the edition is done, the plate is cancelled and will 

never be used again. Because of the variation of one image to

the next, each hand-pulled print is considered an original.




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Bruce Langton offers you originals in mediums such as watercolors, acrylics and oil paintings. Other originals offered are hand colored copper plate etchings. The etching story is unique and etchings themselves are very collectable. Limited edition prints are also available. Subjects available include song birds, ducks, eagles, wolves, dogs, fly fishing, loons, landscapes, beach scenes, children, sporting art, hunting scenes, as well as children's books, sporting (hunting) books, and collectable plates. You can also commission Bruce to do a special painting for you which is one of Bruce's specialties. 


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